It Takes Two

To re-cap: I’m writing every day in June on my new play Slam. Slam is a mash-up for one Samantha Lynn Lamb. Somewhere in her early 30’s, she’s angry, pregnant, and one unhappy Midwesterner. Set in Northeast Iowa, Slam is not so much about rural life as it is about humility and the open space. Today’s subject? Read on….

I know who the father is, but I don’t want to write about him. But he’s in this play, and in it in a big way. How do I know? I got another visual.

The father of Slam’s baby is Tristan, surname TBD. He represents lots of the men I grew up with, who hung out in back of the women clutching beer cans and making smart remarks. Usually large of belly and mostly absent, these men had a tendancy to swoop in with either sullen, curt movements, or display drunken gestures that are meant to be humorous and clever as well as  conceal wrongdoing. On any misstep, these men beat a fast retreat.

But once in a while, just when you’re not looking, a focused trickster like Tristan shows up. And  because he’s somewhat successful at his endeavors, he’s hard to make leave.

Why does Slam drift to him? A nice jolt of danger, and he’s a drug connection. She just put her dad in a medical facility – I think because of dementia, possibly wet brain from too much alcohol – and it could be she’s deriving some self-punishment activities.

Maybe Slam’s looking to re-capture her trickster days. She’s about seven years older than Tristan and things just didn’t work out like they were supposed to. Her dad sold off their property, she’s not the best business woman, and her son is starting to stay away from home and defend his frequent absences from school.

How about one pause, she thinks. One small day.

Which turned into a few more.

Bobby’s about to find out what Slam’s up to.

And in the meantime? I’ve got the image, which scares me half to death. Here it is: Tristan in a doorway, behind a screen door. His arms are akimbo, his grin kind of messy. And his belly represents a mass of arrogance. Tristan holds the land like most men of his age: not by brute force as much as laser sensitivity to the weaknesses of those around them.

For Slam, that’s half the fun. The problem, though, is she’s not as good at holding her own. Her capricious behavior has been tempered of late by years of stable living and paying more attention to her son than cultivating her reputation.

Maybe she’s taken on Tristan beause she just got bored. Yes? I don’t know; more exploration there.

I think the answers lie in Slam’s relationship with her mom and dad.

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  1. y.turk kangal

    Sevgili Kizim, I look forward to your posts every day and hoping that I am not reading too much into them which I am prone to do!!!!!!!!!!! Keep ‘ em coming. Sonsuz Sevgiler, Baban Love to hear your voice


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