First drafts only happen on paper.

First drafts only happen on paper.

It is the strangest experience to write copy for my own web site.

Whenever I approach the work, I get a wrench in my gut and a feeling of horror, and spiders appear in the periphery…

Music: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, 1979; Brian Eno & David Byrne. Good background beat experiment. To great success. But music isn’t the subject here.

I’ve been writing for other sites for a while now and the SKang system, what I do for customer content, doesn’t involve arachnid craziness. After all, there’s a web designer, the clients, the client’s customers, and a desire to serve. SO, lots of meetings, multiple attachments, many nifty pencils, and several uploads later, we have product. Finis. Quite satisfying, really.

But I put a hold on my own business.
Which is classic cart before the horse.
Because, friends I need a site.
Boy howdy, do I ever.
(You’d think I was back in 1994. When the first site rolled…)
I need to be accessible to businesses on the hunt for an outside eye.
I need links to my writing.
I need passive selling, which is what web sites so very well do.

SO I can happily report that I started today, swear to honest I did.
I did the best possible thing: identified pages and then pulled out (gasp, horrors!) static, yellow, lined paper. Let the scribbles begin!

See picture. Kind of like what this here entry is.

Lesson for the day: I didn’t apply any of my methods for other clients on my site. Hmmm… that’s another blog entry. Stay tuned!

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