Peter Gabriel came to mind.

I have so much music available to me, easily and crazily accessible, that I just put on what comes to mind before deliberating, before any second thoughts that could eat ten minutes of time and result in no satisfactory decision. Peter Gabriel’s Last Temptation of Christ came to mind, the soundtrack. I remember very, very little of the movie. I only came to enjoy the music long after.

Next year, Istanbul. Tonight? Just sleep.

The percussion of Gabriel is able punctuation. The music is set low and I can hear water running through the pipes in this house, this brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I am ready for onward and upward movement. I’m also ready to commit to my blog, to design and shape her.

But not tonight. Tonight just sleep.

This marks the end of a “blogathon,” or 31 posts in as many May days. I have completed this task with a minimum of bother. I’ve got a good view, I’m in great company, my voice is wafting the streams and waves. Tomorrow I go off to DUMBO, for inspiration and emails. Tomorrow I begin the Istanbul list.

Thank you Michelle Rafter!

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