Aaron and Jody

Aaron grasped Jody’s waist in a sideway embrace. Jody, in turn, leaned against Aaron and raised her leg, a balletic gesture that she immediately abandoned for a jump-back and punch on Aaron’s arm.

Both sported blue t-shirts with identical logos. They were thirteen and fourteen, respectively, but in the same grade. The afternoon had much in store for them – their class had ventured to the center of the city, where they would meet with some real artists and then go to a museum. Each child had special permission to attend and no one was due home before dinner. The Friday excitement was palpable, so an embrace and hug was definitely called for, but teenage encroachment demanded distance and joking, too. Jody did as much with her jump-back. Aaron, a little confused, kept smiling and let it go, because all the children, about two dozen, were being corralled by the their teacher, who didn’t wear one of the t-shirts, but, in loyalty had chosen a blouse in a similar royal blue.

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