A Lovely Day

Outside the Main Library, U-Iowa

I’m really too tired to write. It has been a lovely day and I don’t feel the need to post it. My sole desire is to brush my teeth and go to bed. There are books to finish, fluffy pillows (I love my pillows, they are the perfect Kangal firmness), and a quiet house to sink into. I am committed, however, to the Blogagthon (see icon to your right) and that came to mind at 6pm when I was busy filling the recycle bag, so here I am.

This is what I discovered today:

1. It’s just as effective to apply Soft Scrub in a dry shower, then rinse. I’d always wet down the surface first. Is that because I’m of the Comet generation?
2. I found a copy of a book I’d forgotten I owned. Very exciting.
3. Malcolm Gladwell is a storyteller. We’ll be hearing from his novel soon. This is speculation, true; but since I’m an advanced Gladwell reader, I can thin-slice his prosaic future without googling, emailing his assistant, or signing up to be a roadie for his concert tour.
4. The Waterboys are still a great band, twenty years after I discovered them. I relish the memory of listening to their albums in college.
5. The laundromat is a lovely place when the TV’s off and I’m the only one there.
6. Little girls still have imaginary friends, and their mothers still ask if both of them are hungry.
7. Neon pink mohawks are exceedingly attractive.
8. I had a great time in graduate school. I mean a fantastic, amazing, life-changing time. (MFA, University 0f Iowa, 2010)
9. I forgot to buy broccoli.
10. Nine is a perfectly acceptable number.

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