On My Mind, or The 10 1/2 in My Head, 7 May 12

A dinner I ate once. In Iowa.

1. Bo Xilai. What a smile. And I view him in a dastardly way, via the lens of soap opera. I can’t stop myself. I am a news-junkie grotesque.

2. Resumes are clearly the most effective form of mental torture. I have on good authority that the CIA applies one-page tactics regularly. Maybe I can pitch a story about it to the New Yorker.

3. The sale of “The Scream” is NOT on my mind, it’s not, it’s not. Get out of there, you….

4. Banks that sell bad credit accounts in discounted bundles to companies that subsequently pursue payment. The problem? Some of those on the lists paid up years ago. Garbage out, garbage in.

5. Women are the more effective in body damagement than men. Transgendered individuals break even.

6. Pop albums I heard in my pre-adolescenthood. Listening to them elicits quiet evenings at home, when my mom would get out her textbooks to study and I would try to mimic her. Mom eventually when on to get her PhD. And it wasn’t necessarily a quiet time in my life, but I’m comforted nonetheless. This is conundrum.

7. A social discovery: repeating myself or asking others to repeat their requests is a very delicate, yet necessary process, especially if money (or time) is involved. Perhaps we left the barter system too soon.

8. Recently, I was surprised by a singing panhandler, whose golden alto was not in English or Spanish, but (I think) Arabic. (That’s on my mind, too: how can I train my ear to identify Arabic, at least?) Hearing her was startling! Then I was startled that I was startled! Was everyone as surprised as me? The subway car seemed passive, as usual. I wanted to shout great tidings. No, I didn’t give her money. So quit reading me if you’re disgusted.

9. Finally, mostly because it’s time for dinner: I pay special attention to the musicians and panhandlers who recite the same script and/or play the same song for years. And years. And years. Complete with verbal tics and codas. Being a 20+ year subway rider, I can think of four without even trying. By having the same game script, is less energy required? Do they want to be identified and recognized? Did they do any polling?

10. In ten days my brother turns 47. That makes me older.

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