George Lois & Worship

I just finished this article, for clearly I needed an education in media advertising and its close alliance with classical art. But there it was, plain as day, in the cantankerous form of Mr. George Lois, whom I will Google image as soon as I write this post.

The reason this article intrigued me, you ask? Mr. Lois’s weekly pilgrimage to the Metropolitan Museum of Art: “For decades, [Lois] has been coming to the Met every Sunday for what he calls his ‘spiritual day of worship,’ and it has been a wellspring for the Big Ideas that have powered his work…”

I love this philosophy, especially from a man who uses four-letter words with great aplomb. (If your foul mouth is precise and quick, then I approve.) Within the same mental rubric is a man who considers contemplative time crucial and tapping into the past a vital ingredient of his cutting-edge, very contemporary work.

The big question? Yes, I left the article with one: why don’t I take the same time myself? At the very least, I could go to the Free Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum. My challenge is I can always dream up a more “efficient” way so use my time. I think I’m too busy, I’m too broke, I simply must catch up on my sleep. It’s showing off, really. Insert martyr’s crown here. In the end, underneath all that string of excuses is the All-American fear I will be caught. I’m a freelancer, after all, and reflective time doesn’t apply until I have a one-year liquid prudent reserve. Then, perhaps, I can adopt the Lois Sunday Special.

Whenever I get a despairing call from a friend, I nearly always ask for the last time they took themselves to the park or went to a movie. The usual response is “Uh, October? I went to that one thing…” and my big-sister-takeover voice encourages them to go to on a movie-Museum of Natural History-cell-phone-AT-HOME-blowout. They don’t listen, but I feel better. It’s almost, almost as if I’ve taken the trip myself.

CODA: For the record, and much to Mr. Lois’s chagrin (see article, I tell you!), I will be at the Cindy Sherman exhibit Sunday the 15th. Really. Truly. We’ll see if any lightning takes me out during or after.


  1. Y. " Turk " Kangal

    My comment is somewhat different! For me it would become limiting if I have to go to the same place, whatever that might be, for sprituallity . If one is looking and sincerely searching for it, one can find it anywhere! By using different venues , one might expand one’s horizan.

    • sheelakangal

      I like that! I find it most effective to simply pause and close my eyes during the day. It not only refreshes my mind but instantly puts things in perspective.

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