Miss Taylor

I read Elizabeth Taylor’s NY Times obituary and had to laugh at myself. I went in, as I do with all NY Times obituaries, thinking I’d learn more about her life prior to fame and Elizabeth Taylorness.

Silly me; there WAS no prior, unless you count kindergarden. (Is there kindergarden in the UK?)

Elizabeth Taylor has always been.

Elizabeth Taylor arrived fully formed – certainly as soon as National Velvet made the scene. Her excitement, her zest, her violet eyes and her hard acting work combined that individuals just like myself could take a fantastical back seat to observe and wonder.

Wonder at what it’s like, for example, to ride a horse on a movie set.

Or how does Mickey Rooney comport himself during lunch breaks?

Is jealousy really an effective fuel, for love or otherwise?

I wonder if anyone ever scolded Miss T for not getting her homework done.

What I do know is that some time, somewhere, someone (not Richard) laid a hand on her head and said, Elizabeth, you are now an adult. Go forth and take people’s breath away. You have no choice in the matter. It’s the eyes.

Just ride.

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